Speed Boat

Lightweight speed

What can you do?

Cascais Local Tour

1 Hour

Get to know the coast of cascais as one of its most important tourist attractions, the Boca do Inferno!

Extended Coast Tour

2 Hours

Would you like to visit a Fort and Lighthouse, very important for navigation on the Tejo River, which can only be seen by boat? You know what you have to do!

Lisbon Tour

4 Hours

Are we going to pass under the important Portuguese bridge, 25th of April Bridge, by boat? You will feel authentic ants!


The Boat 

Beneteau Flyer 550 Sundeck

115 HP Honda Marine Engine

5 people capacity

The Boat 

Beneteau Flyer 500 Sundeck

60 HP Honda Marine Engine

4 people capacity



Coast of Cascais Tour



Coast of Cascais and Oeiras Tour



Coast of Cascais to Lisbon 




Route Fuel


Sweet Açai

*A recipe of Brazilian origin that yields the palate of those who taste it!


Pricing Table

Cascais Local Tour

Beneteau Flyer 550- High Season: 129,00€ Low Season: 115,00€

Beneteau Flyer 500- High Season: 99,00€ Low Season: 90,00€

Extended Coast Tour

Beneteau Flyer 550- High Season: 240,00€ Low Season: 210,00€

Beneteau Flyer 500- High Season: 199,00€ Low Season: 170,00€

Lisbon Tour

Beneteau Flyer 550- High Season: 420,00€ Low Season: 370,00€

Beneteau Flyer 500- High Season: 330,00€ Low Season: 295,00€

* price refering to the rental of the boat*

*High Season from  May to October; Low Season from November to April


Enjoy with us!

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