Fishing Programs

The game between lines and patience

What can you do?

Family Learning

3 Hours / 6 Hours

Learn with our crew the techniques and catch several kinds of fish!

Night Fishing

3 Hours

Live an experience at Cascais Bay catching squids, conger ells or moray ells!

Big Game Fishing

5 Hours / 10 Hours

Up to 30 miles off-shore at the Gulf stream between intercontinental plates you can catch Marlins white or blue, Dolphin fish ( Mahi Mahi ) and even Tunas, the most frequent is Skipjack. 


The Fishing Boat

Cheetah Marine 36′

10 people capacity

 Starting Point: Cascais Marina


Fishing Equipement included

Family Learning Program

Fishing Gear

Night Fishing Program

Hand Lines
Fishing Gear


Big Game Fishing Program

2 Shimano Tiagra 130 Lbs
1 Penn International 80 Lbs
2 Shimano Tiagra 50 Lbs
2 Penn Sennator 50 Lbs
Dozens of samples available


Route Fuel




* Lunch only applies to the 6 and 8 hours Fishing Program!


Pricing Table

Family Learning

3 Hours – 450,00€

6 Hours – 650,00€

Night Fishing

3 Hours – 500,00€

Big Game Fishing

5 Hours – 800,00€

10 Hours –  1300,00€

* price refering to the rental of the boat

seaus experiences fishing

seaus experiences fishing

Enjoy with us!

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